Escape Room games are the perfect family entertainment, offering a unique blend of fun, teamwork, and thrilling challenges.

The puzzles encourage collaboration among family members, creating shared experiences that will be remembered for a long time. With age-appropriate tasks, the games provide enjoyment for all family members and offer a welcome break from everyday life. Dive into this entertaining world together and strengthen your family bonds in a playful way!

Our games in munich

The Da Vinci code - Escape Game Munich
Escape Game Munich bloody awakening
Escape Game The Ghost House
Chicago Mafia Escape game munich
The Puppeteer escape game munich
Escape Game Munich Sherlock
Escape Game Munich - The Art of Stealing
EscapeGame Munich - The APOCALYPSE LAB
Escape Game The Wizard
Escape Game Revenge of Tutanchamun
EscapeGame Munich - in the death cave
Escape Game - The Chinese Casket
Escape Game At the Secret Service
Banner Escape Game the safe breaker
The Breakout Escape Game Munich
Exit the Room Game The Mystery
The Witch @ EscapeGame Munich
SAW Escape Game Munich
EscapeGame Munich the lost orphanage
EscapeGame The Castle Keep
Exit the Room Game The Shrinking Machine
The heart of the pirate Escape Game Augsburg
Escape Game Munich Nosferatu EN


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